Here’s an idea for a smaller Thanksgiving or for turkey any time of the year.


  • 1 turkey tenderloin per person
  • Stovetop Stuffing
  • butter
  • salt and pepper
  • cranberry sauce or Crushed pineapple
  • bread crumbs


Directions / Notes

On a sheet of plastic wrap, slice your tenderloin down the middle without going all the way through.

Peel back sides like a butterfly.
Put another sheet of plastic wrap on top and hammer until 1/4” thick.

Take off top plastic sheet and brush with melted butter.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Add one thin layer of Stovetop Stuffing (uncooked)

Place strategic bloops of cranberry sauce throughout.
Start on widest side and roll up tightly.

Brush outside with butter and sprinkle bread crumbs (or more stuffing) on the outside of roll

Cook at 350 for 20 minutes or until done throughout.

Slice and serve with gravy.

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