Here are some success stories (Rob's comments in bold and italics).

Got a success story of your own? Rob would sure love to hear about it. Be sure to contact him and let him now how your cooking was a delicious success!

Justin Hughes' Pecan Encrusted Salmon


Nick's Wings


Marko's Grilled Upside-Down Pizza


Alan Bubac's, (PA) Flank Steak and Fries


Ros' Wings, (MN)


Maggie from the Philippines

Thank you SO very much for posting this video. I had never cooked before last night and your dish was my first attempt and it turned out DELICIOUS! You've made me believe that even I can cook. Thank you so much! I am officially hooked on cooking.

Johnny from Massachusetts' Prime Rib


Nick from Romania's Sausage and Red Pepper Pasta

He used cream cheese instead of cream, cool idea.

Nick from Romania Cooks for his Girlfriend


Amber from Ontario's Fastest Cookies


Beer Marinated Steak from Christian in Argeles-sur-mer, France.

"btw, I do the cooking at our house 5 days a week now, so I'll be checking out the rest of your vids. Last nights dinner really earned me some cool points (ahemmm..if ya know what I mean hahahah)."


Chick's Sesame Ginger Chicken


Bagel rescue for the Kopp family

They bought the wrong kind and wondered what to do. I had some ideas


CanadaMMA (youtube)

You know Rob, I think the reason I like your show so much is the fact you give people great advice that they might not otherwise know.

The little tip about the frying pan is one thing. In fact, I find something like a cast iron skillet will cook a steak better than the grill because you seer the meat across the whole surface, rather than just some parts like on a grill.

Keep up the good work Rob.

Jimbo (Youtube)

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the tips. I'm a Divorced Dad, and I also care for my 83 year old Dad. I do the cooking, and have most of my adult life, but it's good to have some tips on making things quick and simple. Tonight, sent my 17 year old Daughter to the store to get the onion and coke, and get the steaks ready. I work evenings and have about an hour to do everything so timeing is important. Anyway, thanks so much, I know the family will appreciate a good meal for once, and not another one of my "creations". They aren't bad, but always a bit bland. Hopefully watching some videos will help.

Again, Thanks.

Wojteklego's Pizza

This is Wojteklego's pizzza from the UK. He's sixteen and loves to cook.


Dan from Chicago

Hi rob, 
My name is Dan. I am a 35 year old father of 4 living in Chicago. I recently stumbled across one of your youtube videos and couldnt believe how easy you made it look to cook something good, so a few days later with my handy iPhone in hand I logged onto youtUbe and looked up your cola steak recipe. I cooked it step by step, sometimes pausing the video to make sure I didnt miss anything and a about 30 mins later I cooked my first meal for me and my family which they absolutely loved. It was quick, easy and very tasty! I am now a huge fan of yours and working on the prime rib recipe for the valentines contest. My wife loves my new found enthusiasm for cooking and can't wait to try the prime rib. Thank you for the great videos and recipes! 

Your newest fan, 
Dan from chicago

11 year-old Reagan

Heres 11 year-old Reagans take on the fastest Cookie Recipe. She uses Rolos and pecans. Cool.


Pizza Night at the Dietz House


Nick Georgeson - Illinois

Nick Georgeson from Illinois just made some coke steak. Yum


Firefly072 - Kentucky

Here's how Firefly072 from Kentucky made Coke Marinated Steak, yum!



Luke in NO

"Rob my mom says im to young to cook how old do u think you have to be to get into the kitchen. 
ps.I'm 12"

Never too young to start, two days later...

"it went great! my parents let me make the melts and now i get to go to two cooking classes. Hopefully ile be a cook as good as you one day o.o"

Jing Hua - Paris, France

Here' Jing Hua's pizza from Paris, France. Chorizos, shrimp and sausage. Yum!


Asma - Vienna

"May god bless you and your family (ameen) I'm very greatful to you for teaching me great pizza recipe and for quick reply. Here are pictures of my pizza not that clear,i just want to show u that this time i have given little pakistani touch to pizza,tanduri chicken pizza is one of the best pizza of pizza hut (pakistan). My husband said it was a good try:)"


Bronzelats (youtube)

This from Bronzelats (youtube) his first pizza is below.


It came out really good. Thanks for the recipe. The crust was just awesome. There is no other way to put it. I coated the the cooking pan surface with a thumb's worth of Olive oil. The Pizza didn't stick at all. The crust was really good. The only draw back was that I used a little cheese. I'm big on cheese, but I was concern about seeing the sauce, so I didn't add as much cheese as I wanted. That's no problem, next time I will add more. 

RHmetal (youtube)

"Everytime I mention making dinner, my family says that they are wanting take-out, or they just laugh and say "Yeah Right" How do I make dinner for folks with that kind of attitude? What is something that will get them in the kitchen to eat?"

After a little coaxing (I encouraged him to show the video to his parents) Ryan wrote:

Man, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My family just got through eating the melts, that I made!! THEY LOVED THEM!! I even thought ahead, and served them with Saltine Crackers!! Thank you so much!! YOU ROCK DUDE!! 

It's Worth It